Tessingiu: a world of materials, colors, braiding, tactile and visual experience

It was created in the wake of the “Mandrolisai Handicraft Exhibition” to promote traditional manufacturing art which has its core in the textile workshops of Samugheo ...

Fiber Art:
“What it’s flexible, can be weaved”

It has been four years since the first edition of Inventario 20, the biennial exhibition that the Museo Unico Regionale dell'Arte Tessile Sarda - MURATS - of Samugheo, dedicated to the research, knowledge, and valorization of contemporary Fibre production in Sardinia.

Discover the surroundings

A community counting some 3.000 inhabitants, where one can breath the pride of identity, the desire to divulge centuries-old craft traditions and, at the same time, the ambition to embrace foreign artists and artisans to share knowledge and craft.

The project Team
of Tessingiu 2023

Tessingiu 2023 marks the debut of a team of creatives, architects and designers created especially for this occasion. Led by Baingio Cuccu, the team sought inspiration in the quest for change, both for the exhibition route and the direct interaction with the craftsmen. Colour emerges powerfully and becomes an integral element of this experience.